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In France, country of gastronomy, restaurants are plenty, for all tastes, all budget. Our selection is probably skewed toward the top but you do not need us for a burger. Keep an eye on the list as it changes…

La Deuvaliere
Carmes / Cordeliers

A stone throw away from Les Carmes, the food is not only good but we also like the limestone and beams atmosphere.

Carmes / Cordeliers

We discovered L’Embellie when it first opened and we keep going back. We particulary like their inventive cuisine and the kindness of the staff. All you need for a romantic moment.

Un Air de Famille
Carmes / Cordeliers

With discovered them by chance. Their roasting poultry in the front window reminded us our childhood memories. We were not disappointed! Watch out the portions are kind of big…

Le Petit Patrimoine
Carmes / Cordeliers

So close from Les Cordeliers that French cuisine lovers might elect it as their cantina. The local traditional gastronomy at its best. A must try.

Au Lapin qui Fume
Carmes / Cordeliers

Another very close restaurant from Les Cordeliers where you will experience the typical French bistro ambiance and its authentic cuisine.

La cabane de Romulus
Carmes / Cordeliers

Falling for a pizza? Half a stone throw away from Les Carmes they serve some wooden fire cooked pizza as well as pastas.

Le Hamac
Carmes / Cordeliers

An evening lounge bar well known for their cocktails and their homemade ice-cream (our favourite is the steel band). A nice way to wind down.


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